Tenshilling Do It Again J.W.

Tenshilling Do It Again J.W. (Lyla)
(New Fragrance Do Vale Carvoeiro at Aurichalcum (H/S 5/5) x Hurwyn I Heard A Rumour)
Breeder: Carolyn O'Neill
Born: 22.07.2009



My lovely Lyla, the Little Princess! Lyla was born on the 22nd July 2009 from Rumours second litter to New Fragrance Do Vale Carvoeiro at Aurichalcum (Nando), and I swear that from the minute she was born she knew she was staying! She literally came out of the womb waving at me as if to say, "It’s ok Mum I’m here!!!"

And stay she did! With her happy go lucky, easy going nature it almost seems as if she has been here forever! She can be mischievous, and she can be cheeky, but she is always very loving and kind!

Photo: A. Siddle


Photo: L. Westron

She ‘bounced’ onto the show scene in February 2010, thoroughly enjoying her day out, she literally ‘jumped and wriggled’ her way around the ring for the first few shows! Then slowly she started to get ‘her act together’ and she won Best Puppy in Breed from a huge class of 12 at Coventry & District Gundog Society. She was awarded Best Puppy Bitch at The Southern Pointer Club Open Show by Diana Preece and at her first Championship Show, The Pointer Club, she qualified for Crufts, and from then things have just got better and better!

At WELKS Championship Show under Catriona Buchanan-Robertson Lyla went Best Puppy Bitch and at Birmingham National Championship Show under Norma Ellis she went BEST PUPPY IN BREED and was pulled out in the final 7 in the Group.

In June, at Southern Counties Championship Show under Yvonne Kent, she was awarded BEST PUPPY IN BREED and at Windsor Championship Show under Neville Thorpe she went Best Puppy Bitch being beaten for BEST PUPPY IN BREED by her litter brother Chance (Tenshilling I Get Around to Dappeline).

Photo: A. Siddle

At Leeds Championship Show Lyla won Junior Bitch under Sandra Marshall earning the following critique:
‘Sister to JD winner and just as special, beautiful o/w, quality shape and balance, lovely flowing lines and the desired attributes of the breed, moved on reachy driving stride, liked her very much’.
This was the start of a Junior career that saw Lyla win 9 consecutive classes at 7 Championship Shows, in fact, she won all but 3 of her Junior Classes at Championship Shows where she was placed second!
At National Gundog Championship Show, under Barbara Cherry, Lyla and her brother ‘Chance’ (Tenshilling I Get Around to Dappleline) both won their JUNIOR WARRANTS at just over 12 months of age! Lyla completed her Junior career with a total of


Chance and Lyla

Lyla continued her winning ways through and into the Autumn and Winter! At The Southern Pointer Club Anniversary Show Lyla went BEST IN SHOW from Junior Bitch and earned the following critique from Judge Wendy Crawte:

‘Have liked this o/w bitch since I first saw her as a puppy, very typy, compactly built and combines elegance and substance, classic head, rounded soft lip and melting expression, reachy neck and generally well put together with strength in her rear quarters, moved out freely with lovely head carriage and ring presence’.

Lyla winning Best In Show at the Southern Pointer Anniversary Show November 2010

At the beginning of 2011 Lyla was invited to take part in The Southern Pointer Clubs’ NEW Pointer and Pup of the Year Competition. It involved a knock out competition for all the Pointer puppies that had won a Best Puppy in Breed award during 2010 at a Championship Show. After fierce competition, Lyla went through to win Runner up Pup of the Year!

In February, I took Lyla on Pete and Geraldine O’Driscolls Training Week in the beautiful borders of Scotland. I was extremely happy with Lylas progress during the week, she ran and hunted really well, needs more experience with her bird work (and more effort and input from me) but I am very optimistic about her ability in the field.


At Mid Herts Gundog Open Show in May Lyla went Best of Breed under breed judge Edwina Ward and went on to win RESERVE BEST IN SHOW under gundog specialist Patsy Hollings. At the same show Lylas baby sister Gracie won Best Puppy in Breed!
Also in May, Lyla, Gracie and myself (along with Linda W., Nando and Vienna) took a trip across the Irish Sea to Dublin to enter under Italian Pointer Specialist Mr Guffanti at Hibernian Championship Show, and what a very successful day we had.... it was very much a family affair.... Nando (New Fragrance Do Vale Carvoeiro at Aurichalcum) won the Dog Green Star, BOB and Gundog Group 2, his daughter Lyla won the Bitch Green Star and Nando’s other daughter Gracie (Lylas younger sister) won the Bitch Reserve Green Star from the Puppy class!


Lyla at NGA

Lyla continued to do well through the summer months... and then came SEPTEMBER! What a month! At City of Birmingham Championship Show Lyla won the VERY FIRST TENSHILLING CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE!!! Judge for the day was Glynis Marsh and I was so proud when on the same day Scout (Hurwyn Some Might Say JW) Lylas half brother was awarded the RESERVE DOG CHALLENGE CERTIFCATE! I was even more delighted when a week later at Richmond Championship Show the roles were reversed and Lyla was awarded the RESERVE CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE and Scout the DOG CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE!!! JUST BRILLIANT!

In November, Lyla and I ventured across the Channel to Luxembourg International Championship Show where in extremely strong competition against some of Europe’s top winning Pointers I was delighted when Lyla was awarded the CAC, CACIB and BEST OF BREED. Also, in November, at Lylas final show of 2011, The Southern Pointer Clubs Open Show, judged by Michelle MacManus Lyla was awarded Reserve Best Bitch and her half brother Scout went Best In Show.

Also, in November, Lyla was mated to Linda Westrons lovely orange/white boy Aurichalcum Lord Beckett of Castlepoint and on 8
th January 2012 she produced a beautiful litter of 8 orange/white babies (4 boys and 4 girls) and she is proving to be a wonderful mother....
With a little assistance from Auntie Gracie, Grandma Rumour and little Mabel (the wire-haired dachshund) Lyla reared and nurtured a lovely first litter. This was her Doris Day Litter...


Auntie Gracie amusing the puppies.

Of the four girls, Tenshilling Pillow Talk (Brooklyn) and Tenshilling April In Paris (Poppy) are living happy, contented lives with Lizzie Maguire and Virginia Brown respectively, Tenshilling It had To Be You (Beau) is living with Laura and Laurie Elliott and will hopefully make her debut in the showring July 2012 and Tenshilling Que Sera Sera (Cara) has gone to live with Jaime Fernandez and Carmina near Malaga, Spain. At certain shows in Spain you are allowed to show baby puppies from the age of four months. Cara's first show was on 2nd June 2012 at the National Dog Show in Seville, and in very good company she was awarded Best Baby Puppy In Show under Pointer breed specialist Rui Oliviera. WHAT A START!! The very next day at the second Seville show, the International Dog Show with both CAC's and CACIB's on offer, Cara was again awarded Best Baby Puppy In Show by Salvatori Tripoli of Italy! JUST UNBELIEVABLE!! The very next weekend at a smaller local show in Malaga, Cara again came away with the top award of Best Puppy In Show! THREE IN A ROW!!! What a brilliant start to this very much loved little lady's show career!


The Tenshilling Clock.

The boys…Tenshilling It's Magic (Fingal) and Tenshilling Happy Talk (Woody) are living the lives of luxury with Fiona Robson and Rebecca French (respectively) and their families. Tenshilling The Party's Over (Breccan) is living with Teresa Matthews in Northamptonshire and will also make his debut in the showring in July and Orlando (Tenshilling Makin Whoopee) is having fun with Linda Westron and his Dad Beckett down in Wiltshire!